Need ROMs for your early Williams or Bally Game?  I offer ROM burning services for all pre-WPC games (1990 and earlier).

Pinball Internet Resources

Want more information on early Williams Solid State pinball machines?  Go to my Williams System 3-6 Resources Page.

The Pinball Newsgroup, REC.GAMES.PINBALL
A great place for asking questions!  If you can't find the answer while searching the web, this is the place to turn.  You can get to it via your newsreader, or at  I would suggest you use the link first and search the newsgroup archive before asking your question.  If your new to the group (a "newbie") and you ask a common question, you will get "flamed" (ridiculed) by the group in a few minutes.  I think a lot of people have been turned off the RGP by this, so considered yourself warned!

Pinball Game Links
Want more information on a certain game.  You can go a Google search ( or go to the Pinball Links Web Site at:  As of January 2008 they have links for 644 different games.

Ken at has a great deal of game info plus the best resource on the web for instruction and pricing cards.

The Internet Pinball Database at is a fabulous free resource for photos and game info.  

Pinball Repairs:

I no longer repair pinball machines or boards.  I would suggest for repair services.

Where to buy:

I use a couple of sources for parts: There are others, but I've been able to find 99% of what I need through these vendors.

Pinball Resource:
This is Steve Young, who is one of the best in the business.  His prices are extremely competitive, if not the best.  He does have a reputation of being difficult to deal with, so if you call make sure you're prepared!  I do all of my ordering via FAX, with part numbers when I have them.  His delivery time is excellent, you will usually get your order in a few days.  Steve does not take credit cards or accept orders via the web.  For your first order, you need to pay via check or money order in advance.  After that he will send you an invoice with your order.
  Phone (845)473-7114
  FAX (845)473-7116

Marco Specialties (
Marco offers a catalog and online ordering.  They do take credit cards and Paypal.  Their prices are about 10% higher than PBR, but they have an easier ordering process that can sometimes make up for the price difference.  Their customer service has gotten much better in the past year, with orders now being shipped within a day or two.  I use them as my second resource, after PBR. 

The Real Bob Roberts (
I don't know who the "fake" Bob Roberts is or was, but the Real Bob Roberts sells common arcade electronic parts at about 25% less than the large distributors.  He concentrates mostly on video games, but you can get parts such as 5101 CMOS RAM chips, TIP102 transistors and the such for incredible prices.  Bob works somewhat the same as PBR.  You send him an email with you order and he will send you back the total.  You mail the check or money order and he'll ship your parts.  After a few successful orders (prompt payment on your part), he'll start shipping once you ok the order and you send the check. 

Mayfair Amusements (
Mayfair is a great source for backglasses and documentation.  They also carry a lot of hard to find Data East parts.

Mouser Electronics (
Mouser is my prime source for electronic parts (after Bob!).  They seem to carry most of the parts used in Williams games and have decent prices.  They also have no minimum order.  Just make sure you get their catalog first.

Happ Controls (
Happ's primary audience is the commercial operator, but I've used them for Shuffle Bowler and Air Hockey parts.  They stock about the same parts as WICO (another commercial vendor), but allow you to order in small quantities.